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 Elvira Paz

ELVIRA PAZ, Ferrol 1974.

  Born in Ferrol in 1974. Architect specialized in urban planning and landscape from the Higher Technical School of A Coruña. From 2001 to  Since 2010 she works as an architect and collaborates with various studios in Ourense, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña and Ferrol, as well as for the official College of Architects of Galicia. In parallel, he began his path in the artistic world, experimenting with different means of representation, from photography and video to artistic installations. In 2004 he received the first recognition for his work in the "Na vangarda, Tesoira 2004" contest with the award for the best work by young creators.

  In 2010 he studied the Master of Contemporary Art, Creation and Research at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra and it coincided with his first exhibition.  His first works presented to the public are artistic installations, with great influence from the world of architecture, in which the way of occupying space, their composition and color study are of great importance. 

  In 2011 she moved to Brussels, where she will combine her work as an architect in collaborations within Belgium, Luxembourg, Qatar and the Emirates, with that of artistic production. In this same year he held his first exhibition in Belgium, at the Musée d'art moderne et d'art contemporain de Liège. In 2015, with the intention of exploring new forms of representation, she continued her training with a sculpture and jewelry course at Ecole d'arts Sasasa in Brussels.

  In 2017 he settled again in A Coruña, and although he continues to collaborate in the world of architecture, his artistic project takes on more and more weight and within it, drawing begins to go from being a work tool to a means of expression. 

  In 2020 he held his first individual exhibition in  To Coruña, where drawings on paper and textile are exclusively exhibited.        From the beginning of 2023, his dedication to artistic projects becomes exclusive, carrying out works for Fundación Adcai, A Mundiña or Loida among others. Since then, research and work on graphic representation has been constant, combining traditional techniques  with technological advances; Likewise, his work involves an exhaustive study of color and a search for a special balance in each of his drawings. 

 All of his work has time and the archive as its articulating axes and constitutes a kind of diary organized in series.  "The present appears as a reflection and evolution of the past, but at the same time as a vision of the future." Galician tradition, culture and origins have a great influence on his work, as does architecture and the way of inhabiting the landscape. The sea is a starting point and reference in much of his work, as seen in the Atlántica series, the best known and representative of his work.






Landscape design for the cloister of the MPL of  Lugo. 

Na vangarda 2004 fashion design. Vigo.

Treasury 2004  fashion design. Vigo.

Project for the municipality of Campo Lameiro. Campo Lameiro, Pontevedra.



Exposición individual obra gráfica. Casa del Río. A Coruña. (individual)


Graphic work exhibition. Panaderas Creative Space 7. A Coruña.


Exhibition Lusco Fusco project.  Espazo Amizar, A Coruña.


Exhibition of Illustrations. Tour Business Center. A Coruña.


Exhibition of jewelry pieces. Sasasa Ecole d'arts. Brussels.


 "Miniatures". Room X. Pontevedra.


FM Exposure. RAC Foundation. Pontevedra.


8th Biennial of Contemporary Engraving. MAMAC. Liege.


"Eighteen." Sargadelos Gallery. Pontevedra.

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